Resistance to Change…

Change happens as we continue to evolve in our lives personally and professionally, but it’s sometimes with some resistance.

Process improvement in the work place is one that people seem to resist often, but is it the change they resist or is it the fact that they haven’t quite bought into how it’s going to improve the process?

People need to see the connection or understand what’s in it for them.

Professionally, I recall at one place of business when a team of people decided we were going to go paperless and create a digital office environment. There was so much resistance from individuals not wanting to let go of their paper files, but had they told them the storage fees for paper would eventually put them out of a job, they might have been more apt to give up their paper.

Personally, I remember when my mom told my Grandma we had to move her out of her home in Detroit, Michigan where she had spent the last 50 years. She was extremely resistant to the idea, even though it was her third time being robbed. But, when we told her that the police said if she didn’t move out she would most likely be assaulted or worse, she was a lot less resistant to the idea.

When change can bring positive results for all involved, I recommend the following:

• Build a business case – find the root cause for the problem you’re trying to solve
• Communicate the desired state
• Identify many solutions to the problem
• Note the pros and cons of each solution
• Ask for the stakeholders input
• Draw out the positive aspects for the solution chosen
• Implement the change
• Monitor the change and continually think of ways it can be improved upon

Don’t just settle with what is, (because it’s always been done that way)…thrive in the possibility of change.