When the inner workings of our own silent thoughts or expectations of another aren’t being met, we’re often dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction stirs up in our minds and it feels like a tornado of negativity or a massive storm that’s about to brew. Then, we sometimes question if our feelings are even valid and beat ourselves up mentally. If this goes on too long, we eventually blow-up, choose to shut-down or better…we find alternative ways to move forward. This is why relationships of any kind are complicated. We’re not always good communicators and having expectations is exactly what stands in our way. If we expect nothing from others there’s no room for disappointment. “Setting the bar,” is for YOU only. Depending on another to fill our voids, needs or wants is unrealistic anyway. That’s why God gave us free will; the ability to choose between different possible courses of action. It’s not up to someone else to make you happy, but when you’re happy from within you automatically surround yourself with exactly what you need/desire. If you’re constantly disappointed in others, it may be a reflection of how you feel inside. This means you have some work to do and it’s really hard work, but worth it. And, there’s an important difference between putting expectations on others and knowing your own worth. We are certainly worthy of having great people to share our lives with so…love unconditionally and live with the utmost certainty; model the behaviors you value. Taking others for granted or mistaking kindness for weakness is a poor sense of responsibility. Own it.

–Let go of what’s gone.
–Be grateful for what remains.
–Look forward to what’s to come.